ME1: Why do you deny to use a story?
ME2: Because I am afraid that it would become the story on silence instead of experiencing the silence itself.

ME1: Nobody said it has to be a narrative … right? Maybe the story helps you create the silence and guide people towards it. Maybe it can meltdown the resistance that you always unconsciously raise when you are trying to create a silent space.
ME2: Hmm let’s say I will create this descriptive story of my ten days silent journey. And in addition I am going to invite you to be an observer of my observations on silence.

ME1: Is not that a personal narrative then?
ME2: Indeed it is but the way how I want to approach it is different.

ME1: Why do you think it is so different? Is not that just a classic theatre model where audience is in role of observer of the observer’s story based on his observations of his own personal experience?
ME2: If it would be as you say, then each theatre piece based on this scheme would become in it’s basic a meditative experience. Since this scheme is very much based on description of meditation principals. However, for creating such an experience we need much more …

ME1: What else do you need?
ME2: Well you can always learn just through your own experience. It would be amazing to learn from mistakes of others, but I guess you can really gain something only from your own mistakes. Or vice versa said you can always…

ME1: What do you really want then?
ME2: I want to become people silent to have less misunderstandings within themselves and them between them and the others. I hope in creation of space where we can meet and understand each other. Making a space of acceptation.

ME3:How can you be accepted by others if you have never accepted yourself?

ME1: Why are you so much occupied with silence?
ME2: It gives me space to be alone. There is no pressure from others. No pressure to please somebody. It is a freedom to be myself. And there is a strong possibility for reconnecting.

ME3: Is it then unconditioned space what you are describing?




ME4: Sometimes silence is a really good answer
ME2: How to do not force people to think that they have to experience the same thing as I did?

ME3: Just keep the audience in position of unknown that will raise their expectations.

ME1: Wasteland of emptiness within yourself … or it was that emptiness of void that you were searching for?

ME5: The condition does not have to be new in order to perceive something new.

ME3: Why do you not develop all these silent hunting activities? People are different for everybody may work something different.

ME2: Silence hunters? Rather, a silence seeker. Hunter sounds too violent.

ME4: Can you buy a silence? Or would you buy a silence if you can?
ME6: We use expressions: to have time and not having enough time.
Can we posses time?

ME7: Is time real or illusory? Is it possible to stretch the time?

ME2: Consciousness of time will give us a pause.