At the beginning of my research on silence I approached it more as a tool for creating a self-reflection moment for an audience in my spatial installations. I hoped into the access to spectator’s particular memories, by using it in such a way. Since the memory’s working processes were my main interest back then. I was intrigued by findings that they are very closely connected to our imagination and perception. During those times I perceived a silence as something rather rigid and restricting and that was also the way that I started to approach it at the beginning. However, with time passing and through observing and growing amount of experiments my relationship towards this matter has changed. It is hard for me to say objectively if the matter opened up to me or I opened up towards it. Probably it happened simultaneously, all the rigidness melted and it started to speak to me through all different forms. The complexity of topic challenged me a lot. Not only in cases of my experiments but also at my daily life activities. I must say it helped me to slow down and become more silent.

NOW+HERE=NOWHERE – installation, 2016
From external to internal, from noise to silence to sacred. A private space for you to arrive at the inner journey. Merging of the senses with place, NOW. HERE is taken care of you to become boundless and weightless, to experience a dreamy origin of presence. You are the space. You arrive to NOWHERE.

NOW I am in a position when I am starting to unfold all beneficial aspects of silence and I am intrigued if there are possibilities to heal people through designing of silent spaces. Finally, our world rapidly changed in last 30 years and everything is getting faster and faster. We spent a lot of money on developing effective spaces and I have to admit we got quite far, but we are forgetting one thing. In order to be effective we have to be sometimes totally ineffective and that means to do nothing, to have no purpose in doing, just be, relax. I would like to develop further this idea and try to create unconditional space for healing purposes because we forgot to be silent and we even started to be afraid of it. And I would like to find the way to show that silence has a lot to offer and it will never get old as some technologies do so.